Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bush White House is proving once again that they don't have their act together as evidenced by their involvement in the brouhaha over Pelosi's request for an Air Force jet to ferry her back and forth across the country...

To start off, why are you defending Pelosi? Guys, in case you have somehow forgotten, she hates you... with a passion! Her rise to power has come at your expense. Her weekly appearances on TV are devoted to trashing you and everything you stand for. Can't you figure out that every minute she is on the defensive - whether over a legitimate issue or not - is a minute that she's not droning on about how evil and corrupt and incompetent you are? Why help her deflect attention from this issue?

Second, whether you think this a legitimate issue or not, she's taking some hits... thanks to the efforts of a handful of GOP politicians who are running with this and milking it as far as they can. Why cut their legs from under them? What kind of a signal does it send to the GOP that those who dare to go after Democrat hypocrisy are going to be knifed by their own side?

Are you under the delusion that helping Pelosi will lead her to like you better, to tone down her anti-Bush rhetoric?

And then, when Murtha - the guy most responsible (other than Bush) for turning public sentiment against the war effort - comes out with a not-so-veiled threat that they'll screw the Pentagon if Pelosi doesn't get the plane she wants, where are you? Why isn't Tony Snow complaining about the pressure? Why isn't Robert Gates issuing a condemnation of Pelosi and Murtha, complaining that they're willing to screw the military out of personal spite?

This is the kind of issue that politicians usually pray for. The Bush White House was handed this on a platter... no need to twist things like Clinton did with Gingrich, this was a big a meatball as they come. You could have spanked Murtha big time, and with that, taken Pelosi, his patron, down another notch. You could have let the Democrats know that they can't trash you and not expect payback when the opportunity arises.

At the least, you should have just stayed quiet. But no, you came out in her defense.

What a bunch of idiots... did you ever think that there's a reason the country repudiated you three months ago?