Sunday, February 11, 2007

Australian Prime Minister made some somewhat critical comments about Barack Obama. While I agree with the substance of Howard's comments, I don't like it when the Democrats start citing other foreign leaders in order to bash Bush, so to be consistent, I will respectively ask Mr. Howard to keep his opinions to himself...

Unfortunately, the Democrats have no problem trumpeting it when our supposed allies are critical of US policy. When the likes of Chirac or Putin say something critical about the US (actually, of Bush), it is front page news and potrayed as evidence that we are deficient because the head of some second rate country, a country practically nobody in the US would ever think of emigrating to, or in the case of Kofi Annan, the head of an incompetent and corrupt anti-American organization, finds something to criticize us about.

Yet Republicans are supposed to be better than the Democrats, so I guess we ought to ask Howard to keep his opinions to himself... even while we wink at him and let him know that he is, as I believe they say down under, spot on.