Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As if we needed any more signs that the Iranians don't take Bush seriously, look no further than the story about our having seized Iranian-government purchased sniper rifles in Iraq.

The Iranians sure aren't stupid enough to hand these rifles over to insurgents in Iraq without thinking that some number of them would fall into American hands. And they're not oblivious enough about modern record-keeping to think that we would have no way of tracing these guns back to the manufacturer and from there, to the Iranians.

No, I'd bet dollars to donuts that they knew we'd come across some of these weapons and that we'd in short order learn it was part of a shipment to the Iranian government... and that despite all of that, they decided to go ahead and give these rifles to the insurgents targeting our troops.

I can think of only one explanation for this: that the Iranians figured that Bush wouldn't retaliate... or, if he decided to do something, that any retaliation would be far less damaging to Iran than the benefit Iran figures it gets by helping the Iraq insurgency kill as many Americans as possible.

I'd like to think that, as I type this post, our military has already begun to respond against Iranian interests. I'd like to think our forces have already begun 'eliminating' a number of high-ranking Iranian officials. I'd like to think our forces have already moved against Iranian supply fields used to support the insurgency.

And I'd also like someone to hand me a couple of million dollars. Which one do you think I'm more likely to have happen?

Yeah, me too... especially given Bush's statements from yesterday that he didn't intend to attack Iran. Think about it: Bush had to have known about these rifles when he went before the microphones to tell the 'world' he wasn't planning on going after Iran. He had to have known the Iranians would be looking at what he said and what he did to assess whether they were right in thinking he wouldn't go after them. And right now, I figure the Iranians are sitting pretty smug right now. Way to go George, you incompetent fool. Not only has your ridiculous attempt at nation-building 'wasted' thousands of American lives, your refusal to go after those who support those who are killing American troops has led to more deaths than would otherwise have been the case.

Given the stakes, is it really wrong to think (not do anything to make it happen, mind you, just thinking/hoping) we'd all be better off were Bush to suffer some Presidency-ending event? Nothing fatal, but perhaps the equivalent of a sprained knee that sends the star player to the locker room and keeps him from returning until after the game is over? Maybe I'm wrong, but I figure Cheney couldn't come close to being as incompetent and feckless as is Bush...