Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another Monday, another hour of 24, another batch of 24isms...

It's now 1AM and I am counting down the remaining hours

After a few hours in which the writers avoided going too far into 24ism land, they returned tonight with a vengeance, linking together so many hard-to-imagine plotlines into a full-fledged 24ism.

* Let's start with Cheng somehow knowing that the terrorists have Russian suitcase nukes which happen to have this magical chip that opens the door to all of Russia's defense secrets. He somehow knows that Bauer and CTU have managed to confiscate three of the devices. He just happens to have brought Audrey Raines into America just in case he needed to use her to pressure Bauer. He just happens to have his crack commando team ready and armed at 2 in the morning. He just happens to have the chip reader that fits the Russian chip. He just happens to have Bauer's father on speed dial. He just happens to have pre-located his men to a building within walking distance of CTU. He just happens to have the plans to the sewer system and the codes to CTU's security system.

* Now let's put them all together. Let's concede that Cheng might have had his team ready to help him obtain the chip should the opportunity become available. And let's also concede that CTU security codes are readily available on the Internet for anybody with a valid credit card number. But Cheng didn't know until just before 2AM that the chip was in need of repair... so he didn't know until then that he was going to have to call Phillip Bauer, even presuming that he somehow knew that Phillip Bauer was competent to fix the chip. And not knowing that he was going to need Phillip Bauer, he couldn't have known that he was going to need to invade CTU to get Josh Bauer (let's ignore the obvious fact that Phillip Bauer could have simply waited a couple of hours and nabbed Josh when Josh and his mom went home. We'll also ignore the threats Grandpa made about killing Josh). And with Cheng not knowing that he was going to have to rescue Josh until after he had contacted Phillip Bauer and made their deal, he couldn't have known to get his commandos from their base to the building from which they launched their attack. Not knowing that until very recently, he couldn't have had his guys dig the hole through the concrete flow that they used to access the sewer system.

* I'm giving the writers the benefit of the doubt that they'll come up with a reason why Cheng was in such a hurry to fix the circuit board and why he wouldn't have simply taken the chip he had back to China where presumably one of two people out of the billion Chinese would have the skills needed to do the repairs.

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