Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who knows what time it is?

Lorie, thanks for the plug for my running 24isms...

For newcomers, a 24ism is either a logical fault in the story line or what I call a 'that can't happen' (with the emphasis on can't.

To be a 24ism, there has to be more than simply a gun that never runs out of bullets or a hero that recovers from a near-fatal beating in less than 20 minutes or computer gurus having amazing skills as these are all standard superhero fare.

On the other hand, only Jack Bauer has a hoodie that he uses to protect him from poison gas, yet somehow doesn't contaminate everybody that is standing next to him. And only the bad guys on 24 have an seemingly inexhaustible supply of assassins and helicopters and schematics of Jack's office and the ability to infiltrate a meeting with at best five minutes warning.

Keep in mind I don't point out 24isms as a way of criticizing the show (at least I usually don't) as I think the 24isms is part of what makes the show so much fun to watch. Jack simply has to have the ability to never get caught in LA rush hour. Chloe has to have the ability to call up anything - building schematics, missile firing codes, security cameras from systems that one wouldn't presume would be on any central link - on her computer.

And as is usually the case, I tend to watch 24 on a bit of a delayed basis... part so I can avoid commercials and part so I can hit rewind as often as necessary to clarify just what is going on.

Here's to hoping this season is the best yet...

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