Friday, January 05, 2007

The US military needs to pay attention to the Ethiopians...

The Ethiopians moved into Somalia the better part of two weeks ago, smashing the Islamic militias which, until the Ethiopians stepped in, were in control of a large part of Somalia.

It's not that the Ethiopians routed the terrorists that really impresses me, it is that they did so without causing untold numbers of civilian casualties, without destroying civilian infrastructure, without destroying religious sites, without committing war crimes, without inciting violent protests and second-guessing at home, and without throwing the entire region into chaos.

Why do I say they accomplished all of that?

Because I have't been reading article after article and watching news story after news story devoted to all of the bad things the Ethiopians are doing... and we know if the MSM isn't covering a particular story it can only mean that there is no such story to cover. Keith Olbermann hasn't led off each night with a list of the atrocities the Ethiopians were committing. Chris Matthews doesn't host a nightly roundtable of retired Ethiopian generals who criticize Ethiopian military tactics. Anderson Cooper hasn't flocked to Somalia to highlight the poor people uprooted from their homes.

And the biggest proof of all that the Ethiopians are doing nothing wrong? Cindy Sheehan isn't on a hunger strike in protest of the death and destruction being wrought by the Ethiopians and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid aren't holding Congressional hearings into the Bush Administration's support for the evil Ethiopians.

So hats off to the Ethiopian military, who not only appear to be pretty good fighters but who also appear to have mastered the art of surgically clean warfare... and if the Ethiopians can do it, the United States military ought to be able to do so, right?