Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A thought on the AP/Jamil Hussein matter...

Even though it turned out that Deep Throat was a single individual source and not, as some thought, a catchall alias for a number of Woodward and Bernstein's sources, perhaps Jamil Hussein is a nom de source for more than one AP source... and the AP's reluctance in trotting him out is because while 'he' could certainly attest to some of the stories which named him as a source, he couldn't attest to all of those stories...

Or, maybe he just doesn't exist in the capacity in which he claimed, the AP didn't bother to check him out before they started using him to publish their anti-American stories, and they now figure clamming up will result in less egg upon their face than if they came clean.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the NYT is doing now that one of their story lines turns out to have been totally bogus.... deny the truth, hide behind the wall, insult those who deign to question them... and hope their MSM colleagues will not only refuse to run with the story but will work overtime to come up with an anti-Bush story that will crowd out the story of how the storyline so meshed with MSM feelings and biases that they didn't feel the need to verify the accuracy of that story.