Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sometimes the delusional left makes it too easy to laugh at them... here's The Moderate Voice's resident lefty, Shaun Mullen, suggesting that the White House is out to get Libby... and that Libby will get a pardon once he's convicted.

Maybe in Mullen's world - the world where everything Bush does is both stupid and diabolically clever - that makes sense, where you go and help screw somebody just so you can 'unscrew' them later. Maybe in Mullen's world there is an explanation for why the Bush White House would want a guilty verdict rather than a not-guilty verdict that would show Fitzgerald to be an out-of-control prosecutor. Maybe in Mullen's world there is an explanation for why the Bush Administration would rather face the political heat after issuing Libby a pardon than have Libby get acquited.

To me, while I can't even begin to guess at why the White House would want to see Libby convicted, why, if that were the case, would they be inclined to issue him a pardon? And while there are reasons why they could be thinking of pardoning Libby were he convicted, why, if they thought he was being screwed by Fitzgerald/MSM, would they do anything to hurt Libby?

But, as I have found over the years in looking at both the left and the right, logic doesn't matter to folks such as Mullen who are so swept up in their paranoid delusions that they grab at a story line and hold on... no matter how loosely connected to reality that story line is.

And the really ironic part of this particular post of Mullen's? He (she?) was blasting the Bush Administration for their delusions in thinking there were WMDs in Iraq. Well... maybe it takes one delusionist to recognize another...