Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the subject of a Washington Post blogger going off on our military, I don't know if I'm more surprised that he would be so open about his anti-military, anti-Iraq war biases or that the right is getting so upset about it...

Usually, the MSM hides its biases a bit better. They'll do things like emphasize certain negative aspects in a story in order to make things look worse than they are. They won't cover good news, which certainly helps make people think things are not going well. But they're usually pretty good about not coming out and giving proof to the right which thinks the MSM dislikes our troops and is rooting for their defeat in Iraq. Who knows how or why the Post editors (the troops responsible for ensuring their anti-military biases remain somewhat unacknowledged) failed to yank this guy's material before it went out?

But certainly the right can't be surprised that people like this guy exist... and have thoughts such as these. It's not as if the MSM has ever been accused of being sympathetic to our armed forces. They only focus on the military in order to make Bush look bad (stories on humvees not having armor? Bush bad. stories on troops killed in combat? Bush bad). So it ought not be a surprise that people who think little of our military would think things such as this guy does... should it?