Thursday, January 25, 2007

My response to some conservative bloggers who are threatening to withhold contributions to GOP Senators voting against Bush's troop surge:

What good do you think this will do? Do you really think theGOP senators who oppose the surge are quaking in their shoes about p***ing you all off?

The two things that matter most to politicians are campaign contributions and votes. Unfortunately for your cause, the 13,000 (and counting) of you who have signed up probably contribute next to nothing in the first place. I doubt your contributions will be missed. And even if it was, there are no shortage of lobbyists willing to step up and throw in the money to replace your withheld contributions.

As for your votes, you're not all going to stay home or vote for the Democrat the next time one your targets faces re-election; many of you will hold your nose and vote GOP them no matter what they do because you hate the Democrats so much more. And even if you did all crossed over and voted for the Democrat, what difference do you think the 13,000 of you - scattered across the country as you are - are going to make in the handful of elections where one of your targets is running?

This stunt is destined to be just yet one more time where the right side of the blogosphere falls for its own hype about its power and pull and ends up with egg on its face after failing to accomplish what it set out to do. Sure, you scored big with the CBS National Guard story... but you've come up with nada many many times more. Try as you might, you guys haven't been able to get the AP to retract its mosque burning story. You haven't been able to persuade Bush to back off his amnesty plan.

As much fun blogging is, and as much as I enjoy reading other's blogs, I always try to remember that (the royal 'our') pull is less than some junior editor at some MSM outlet. You all ought to heed the old adage: tis better to stay quiet and be thought powerful than to speak and let everybody know you got nothing.

But if it makes you feel good, go ahead.