Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meet Minority Leader John Boehner, the poster child for what is wrong with the Congressional Republicans..

He helps shut down Congress for a day... so he can attend a football game. And rather than sit in the not-so-good seat he had, he sells himself to gain access to a prime seat for the game... by lending his ear and sympathy to corporate lobbyists for the better part of three-plus hours so he could avoid having to sit up high with the riff-raff and instead sit in the luxury of a corporate skybox.

It doesn't matter that Democrats also abuse their positions (as evidenced by the article, although I wonder why the editor chose to lead with a Republican and not a Democrat, given that the Democrats now have control of Congress). Republicans are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard. We're supposed to be better than the Democrats who have always viewed government as a means to screw most of America.

Boehner and his comrades were sent to Congress to represent us, not to use their power to rake in as much as they can for themselves. If there is so much to do in Washington that they feel the need to run for Congress, then they shouldn't be taking time off to go fly across the country to watch a football game the rest of America - all of us who don't have bosses say "sure, don't worry about your job, take the day off" - was content to watch on TV.

And we don't want our representatives to prostitute themselves by selling themselves to whatever flack there is that offers better seats. We know that people such as this aren't offering gifts because they're your friends... they are bribing you. Did you see those lobbyists offering the skybox tickets to the John Does on the street? Of course not, there wasn't anything in it for the lobbyists to do so. They offered them to you because they want you to do favors for them. They knew that having you sit with them would give them hours of access with which to press their issues. If you had any principles, you would have refused, you would have taken your seats and sat up high where you couldn't even see much of the field. It doesn't matter that you will claim that you followed House rules. It doesn't matter that you claim that you're going to 'pay' for those tickets. You shouldn't have been at the game and you shouldn't have 'bought' the tickets from the lobbyists. You should have said no.

But you didn't, and because of that, John Boehner, you are a whore. And if you're the best the Republicans have to offer, enjoy your minority status. Because while Democrats care only about power and don't take the least offense at what the crooks on their side of the aisle do, we Republicans have principles... and one of them is that we don't vote for whores.

Tis far better to live in the minority and be able to sleep at night than lie awake at night knowing that we've sold our souls in order to maintain power.