Friday, January 05, 2007

It wasn't that Kerry was being snubbed by the troops, Kerry was snubbing the troops...

According to the Kerry camp, he wasn't being snubbed by the troops during his visit there last month, but rather had deliberately sought out an empty spot in order to talk to reporters.

That may be the case, but it begs the question of why Kerry would feel it more important to use that time to talk with a handful of reporters than to visit with the troops. He could - and probably does - talk with reporters anytime, whereas the same doesn't hold true for troops stationed in Iraq.

If these reporters accompanied Kerry on the trip, he'd have the whole return flight (7 plus hours?) to meet and talk with them. And if these particular reporters weren't part of Kerry's entourage, but were Baghdad based, does Kerry really think so little of our troops that he thinks their insights and observations are less valuable than that of a couple reporters?

And while I doubt reporters get that much of kick from hanging out with Kerry, that probably wouldn't be the case with the troops. I would be willing to bet that there would have been more than a handful of troops who would have liked to sit next to and chat with a visiting dignitary.... even a military-knocking loser like Kerry.