Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am glad thatNardelli is gone from Home Depot, inasmuch as I blame him for all that has gone wrong with Home Depot over the past number of years. Home Depot went from a place where you could easily find someone to help you to a place where the few employees didn't know enough to be of any use. They went from a place that focused on selling lumber and tools at a good price to a place more interested in selling home improvement services. And they went from a place where they took back returns on pretty much a no-questions asked basis to a place where those who deigned to return unneeded material were given the third degree before finally walking out not with a refund, but with store credit.

And while a $210 million severance package can be viewed as a bit too much money to give to a guy who screwed up so badly, it could also be viewed as a small price to pay to get rid of a guy who screwed up so badly and whose continued presence was an obstacle to the company ever getting its bearings again.