Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just shy of two years ago, I wrote that Iran was determined to get itself a nuclear bomb and the only way to keep that from happening was for us to attack Iran militarily.

I said the 'international community' would never agree to impose sanctions on Iran that were tough enough to force Iran to back down.

And sure enough, that looks like it is happening, with Russia keeping the UN Security Council from passing a resolution calling for sanctions on Iran if it doesn't end its uranium enrichment programs.

And the sanctions the Russians are keeping from being imposed? Some silly financial restrictions on a handful of Iranian companies... in other words, nothing that would keep Iran from continuing to do what it has been doing for the past number of years.

And that's because there isn't a sanction that has yet been invented that will force Iran to back down. The Mad Mullahs are more than willing to put up with anything the civilized world can throw at them. They'll ignore trade sanctions. They'll ignore political sanctions.

The only thing that will keep Iran from going nuclear is our military. It doesn't matter that we couldn't guarantee to destroy every single nuclear facility. It doesn't matter that Iran could cause more trouble in Iraq. It doesn't matter that the Muslim 'street' could get angry over the Great Satan attacking yet another Muslim country. None of that matters because the consequences of letting the Mad Mullahs get their hands on nuclear weapons is so far worse than anything that could happen as a result of our trying to keep that from happening.

We need that idiot President of ours to do what is necessary to keep Iran from continuing its work developing the nuclear weapons that it intends to use against the United States and its friends. We need him to stop playing around in the diplomatic arena and give Iran the ultimatum that if it doesn't prove to our satisfaction that it has ceased its efforts that we will use all of our military power to destroy their ability to proceed.

Yet he isn't doing that. Despite having absolutely no evidence that sanctions will ever by imposed on Iran and despite having absolutely no evidence that Iran would back down were sanctions ever levied against it, egged on by his headline-loving Secretary of State and demoralized by the beating he has taken over his not-so-excellent adventure in Iraq, he has wasted the better part of two years doing nothing. He has nothing to show for all of the time and effort spent pursuing a 'diplomatic solution' to this problem.

I'm at the the point where I wish Gore or Kerry had won. It's not as if either of those two losers would have done anything different as far as Iran goes, but at least when my world was going up in a mushroom cloud and my last thoughts were that I would never get to see my girls get older, get married and have kids of their own, that I would never figure out how to really play the guitar (my ear sucks), that I would never dunk a basketball (okay, I've long given up on that pipedream) and that I had obviously blown it by trying to save money to pay for the retirement I wasn't going to be around long enough to enjoy... well, at least I could have told myself that I hadn't voted for the idiot in the White House who did nothing while Iran finished off its plans to finish us off, that it wasn't my fault that the idiot in the White House doing nothing was in the White House doing nothing.

But as I did vote for the idiot in the White House who did nothing while Iran finished off its plans to finish us off... so I guess my final thought is going to have to be: