Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here's a comment I posted at Wizbang in reaction to Rumsfeld's claiming his worst day as SecDef was the day he learned of the abuses at Abu Ghraib:

I've usually been a Rumsfeld fan but screw him if his worst day was the day he learned about Abu Ghraib.

[insert obligatory comment that I don't condone what went on at Abu Ghraib] how could the relatively minor transgressions of some lowlife white trash be worse than the days in which Americans were killed? that's like saying that learning that a handful of employees were caught watching child porn is worse than learning that a bunch of one's employees were shot while at on the job.

so some iraqis were poked fun at and treated in ways that weren't so nice. in the big scheme of things, bfd. ask rumsfeld if he really thinks the families of the 3,000 americans killed and the thousands more who have been wounded think the deaths and injuries to their loved ones pale in comparison to abu ghraib. let's see mom, you have a choice: your son gets made fun of a bit or he's killed in combat by a bunch of crazies... which door do you want?

and if rumsfeld was more bothered by days in which Americans did bad things to the iraqis than by days in which americans had bad things happen to them, why wouldn't his worst day been the day we learned of the allegations that US soldiers had raped an Iraqi girl and killed her and her family?

if he truly thinks the way he does, good riddance.