Friday, December 29, 2006

A comment I posted at QandO:

Lieberman's proposals
are doomed, along with everyone else who has or is proposing a 'solution' for Iraq (including our feckless President who is, even as I type this, wasting his time trying to come up with a new 'plan') unless and until they acknowledge a couple of facts:

#1, the people of Iraq don't want what we're selling and, like marketers around the world, we can't sell what the people don't want to buy. We're trying to sell them on an idea of living together in peace and harmony, of sharing power and resources, and of peacefully reconciling their differences in the interests of the country. Unfortunately, there aren't enough Iraqis who want that. There are far more of them who see no reason to share and are willing to use force to keep that from happening. If enough Iraqis wanted an oil sharing agreement, they would have had one by now. If they truly wanted the government to crack down on the militias, they would have. They don't lack the resources to do so, they lack the will. The Iraqis simply don't want what we want them to have.

#2, 'moderates' don't win wars. By definition, moderates are squishy and more interested in getting along than fighting over principle... and, as such, are incapable of winning a fight. Winning wars requires people who are committed to a cause and who are willing to kill and run the risk of being killed in order to achieve that goal... and moderates, because nothing is that important to them, just aren't willing to do this. America didn't gain its freedom because the moderates got together and tried to work things out with King George. Lincoln didn't win the Civil War because he sought to include the South in a power sharing agreement. Backing moderates in a fight is dumber than playing the lottery, for at least there's a miniscule chance of winning the lottery.

If we want the fighting in Iraq to stop, the only way we can help make that happen is to pick one side and back them in their fight against the others... until the other side pleads for mercy.

And because Bush and the likes of Lieberman aren't willing to do that, all of their planning and all of their thinking and all of their visits to Iraq and all of their op-eds will do nothing more than waste time... and the lives of our servicemen who are in Iraq trying to do something that can't be done.