Friday, December 15, 2006

As the ax falls on Judith Regan, presumably over the fallout over her attempt to publish O.J. Simpson's 'let's pretend I didn't do it' book, I guess we'll have to wait until her book comes out to find out the circumstances of her departure...

For instance, I wonder if she bothered to inform anybody above her in the Murdoch food chain what she was doing... and if she did, what their reaction was at the time Did they back her wholeheartedly, only to turn on her in reaction to the negative publicity over the book? Or did they warn her that this was a risky move, that it might create the firestorm of criticism that it did, and, if it did, she might end up paying for it with her job?

Or perhaps she went off on her own, not telling anyone, and mistakenly thinking that either the Murdochites would love the book or that they would hesitate - for any number of reasons - to tell her no and that the resulting sales would mollify them?

All I know is that this seems to once again prove the management adage that it is best to make sure you have the support of the guy whose signature is on your paycheck before you go off and do anything that might make the guy sit up and go "What the F*** are you thinking of?"