Wednesday, December 13, 2006

About f***ing time...

I've said before that one of the reasons the American people don't support the Iraq war is because they don't know how things are going... all they see and hear about are the casualties on our side; they don't hear about how our guys are doing. As I've put it before, it's like hearing that the other team scored fifteen points... that's not so bad if you've scored 30, but pretty sad if you've only scored 5.

Well, it looks like Bush and the Pentagon are finally about to reverse this and start giving America a better picture on how our guys are doing.

While I'm glad they're doing it, it falls into the category of too little, too late. With support for the war down in the low twenties, I doubt there are that many people who are going to change their minds once they start hearing that our guys - as I've hoped was the case, but never knew for sure - were kicking insurgent butt...