Saturday, May 27, 2006

let's see....

Bush desperately needs Hastert's help in getting his immigration bill passed.... Hastert throws a conniption over the FBI raid on Jefferson's office.... so Bush chooses to interfere in a law enforcement matter (that even the Washington Post says he should have stayed out of), intending to order the FBI to return whatever was taken (until the top dogs at DOJ - including Attorney General Gonzales - threaten to quit).

So.... let's see how this lack of loyalty on the part of Gonzales gets returned when Gonzales is passed over when another slot on the Supreme Court opens up.

So... let's see if Hastert chooses to show his thanks to Bush (for at least trying to help) by backing off his earlier pledge that any immigration bill must be supported by a majority of the House GOP and allows a bill out that is supported by Democrats and a handful of GOP votes.