Monday, May 08, 2006

It's ALMOST 3AM... Jack is in the air... and Logan is thinking about shooting down a plane full of diplomats... and here are tonight's 24isms...

* Let's start with the 24ism of the night: that Chloe, who (1) can get into more databases faster than anyone alive (the recently departed Edgar might have given her a run), (2) is so fast on the keyboard she can type out a 300 page novel faster than I can type this paragraph, and (3) not only is a generally suspicious person, but also really dislikes Miles... not only didn't safeguard the recording in the 10+ plus minutes she had the recording but conveniently left it on the table for Miles to magnetically erase?

* And of course Jack and Bill and Karen, knowing how darned important the recording is, decide to let Chloe go off by herself to prepare the recording, instead of putting her in a secure room with guards watching over her and keeping ANYONE from coming near her. It's not as if any of them would have had any reason to think that CTU might have the occasional security gap.

* How does Graham (ER Dr) tap into the FAA system? Does he too have a team of crack computer hackers just sitting around at 3AM PST waiting to be given orders to go tap into this or that highly restricted government database?

* The Admiral at the Naval Station who cited chapter and verse of Jack's psyche: don't guys in jobs like this have other things to do than play amateur psychiatrist?

* How did Logan know there were Marine units in the vicinity of where the plane landed? Wouldn't he have just ordered the military to bring in Jack?

* CTU needing to transfer Bierko at 3AM to another facility. Other than setting up his escape in the next hour, what reason would they have had for moving him? The gas is gone, he poses no clear and present danger, so why not interrogate him at their leisure? Why the hurry to move him?

* Does the Secret Service really allow the President to keep a loaded handgun on the premises? Given how ineffective they are on this show, maybe it is a good idea for the President to think about defending himself against intruders... crazy wives... disloyal Chief of Staffs...

* And Miles, the good supportive bureaucrat, always doing things the right way, in fact threatening Hayes because she was operating outside proper protocol... deciding to cast his lot with the President who is guilty of killing David Palmer?

* But what bothered me the most about this episode.... SO MUCH FILLER! The writers must have really been lazy and/or running out of ideas for this episode. Logan ignores the ringing telephone, Logan picks up the gun, Logan goes to talk with his wife, Logan calls Graham, Logan picks up the gun again, Logan decides to have a drink. C'mon already, this show doesn't dwell on character development, it doesn't waste time with mood setting, it just moves from one action scene to another. The writers could have skipped all the watching Logan decide on whether to kill himself or not and had Bierko effect his escape - which would have set up two episode ending twisters, but NO..... we had to sit through five minutes wondering if Logan was going to go out solo or if he was going to take his wife with him.

And here are some of the left-unresolveds so far...

* Where did Wayne Palmer go? Buchanan took him home, yet he wasn't there when Chloe or the Homeland Security team stopped by. Would Palmer have dared leave during martial law, especially knowing that the bad guys are looking for him? And since he hasn't been seen, do we presume that he is also looking for the guys who killed his brother?

* Were Evelyn and her daughter both killed?

* When will Bierko spill the beans that Logan sold out the Russian President? (pretty soon, my guess, as I'm thinking he escapes in the first few minutes of the next hour).

* Where is Aaron Pierce (we NEED to know)?

* Is Heller really dead? If so, will his son attend his funeral? Ah, Heller lived.

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