Sunday, May 21, 2006

I note the similarities between some European countries forbidding El Al from flying into certain airports because El Al's anti-SAM measures might cause injuries on the ground and Ayaan Hirsi Ali being forced to leave her apartment because her neighbors were afraid Islamic terrorist attacks on her might cause collateral damage to their apartments. In both cases, the Europeams are choosing to blame the potential targets or terrorist attacks rather than to focus their anger at the attackers themselves.

And, the next time you're standing in a polling place thinking about who to vote for, just remember it is the Democrats who (generally) blame America for not being more like our more enlightened cousins in Europe. We're faulted for not seeking European approval for our foreign policy. Bush was faulted for not having more Europeans in his 'coalition of the willing'.

For me, the less we have to do with them, the better. You want to go spend your tourist dollars there, fine. You want to buy a German car, fine. Just don't dare suggest that we ought to try to be more like them.