Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We're not being consistent folks... Part XXVI

Michelle Malkin is taking issue with Eric Muller's suggestion that someone else does some of her blogging, based on his analysis of her blogging output.

Now, I have no problem with Michelle defending herself... but her portrayal of Muller (and, by extension, others) as "deranged creepy stalkers" is wrong, wrong, wrong.

First, Muller did nothing more than review her posts over a given period of time and try to reconcile that with what Michelle herself described as her travel schedule. He didn't follow her around or do any of the sort of things that we ascribe to stalkers.

But my bigger complaint with Michelle is the insinuation that there is something wrong with those who look for discrepencies and errors... in what the MSM puts out... and in what is posted online. After all, isn't 'taking down the man' something the blogosphere takes pride in doing? And given the size of her readership, Michelle certainly counts as the man...