Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Success has 100 parents, failure is an orphan" doesn't hold when it comes to assessing blame for election losses.....

Should the GOP take a big hit this fall - as a number of people on both sides of the aisle are predicting - there will be no shortage of people looking to blame X or Y for what happens.

For example, some will blame Bush and the GOP leaderships pro-amnesty positions... others will blame high gas prices and the GOP's refusal to respond... others will blame Bush's not-so-excellent adventure in Iraq... others will blame the GOP's refusal to cut pork from the budget... and on and on and on.

And all of the above will be, at worst, partially correct, as there will be voters who won't be voting GOP this fall because they are upset with one or more of Bush and the GOP's positions on the above mentioned issues.

And since all of the above will be partially responsible, we should expect to see a major battle between the various factions as they push to get credit as being the 'most' responsible for what happened.

This 'second campaign' will be waged during the summer and the early fall. No faction can afford to wait until after the election before talking up 'their' candidacy; if they have not pre-positioned themselves, they'll be left in the dust... watching the surviving GOP move to regain the good graces of some other faction... as the winner of this campaign will be declared no later than when the polls close on Election night.

It will be an interesting election to watch... both of them.