Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let's not get too excited about Tony Snow taking over as White House Press Secretary...

First, what evidence do we have that Tony Snow is a believer in the conservative cause? Sure, he's articulate, but to do a good job as Press Secretary, one must believe in the policies and positions they are defending on a daily basis. It's not sufficient to go out with a handful of talking points; if you don't believe in the program, you will come across looking like nothing more than the paid gun you are.

Second, remember, Tony Snow is a journalist. He may not be as knee-jerk liberal and as reflexively anti-Bush, but he has hung around the ones who are for far too long for him to be completely uncomfortable with them. And, depending on his level of committment to the cause (see above), his loyalties may be more to his former (and potentially future) colleagues on the press side than to the guy signing his paycheck.

Third, even if Snow does a good job as Press Secretary, this may hurt conservatives more in the long term than it helps. The reason: FoxNews already gets trashed for being an echo chamber of Republicans and conservative policies. The last thing FoxNews needs is to give the other side ready-made talking points about how Tony Snow becoming Press Secretary proves that FoxNews is in the tank for conservatives (I know this argument doesn't cut both ways, but since when have Democrats limited themselves to making logically consistent points?) and have FoxNews marginalized further in the eyes of the American people.