Thursday, April 20, 2006

I wonder how many conservative bloggers and pundits are criticizing the protester who disrupted Chinese President Hu's arrival ceremony today*...

... after all, even if you agree with the protestor's message - that the Chinese government is persecuting the Falun Gong, and even if you think the Chinese government is evil - disrupting the ceremony can't be viewed as anything but a breach of good manners and decorum.

One just doesn't go to a party and insult either the host or the guest of honor... and one doesn't go to an event at the White House to insult the invited guests. You want to flip the bird at the motorcade, as a number of Brown University students did to Bush at his 2000 inauguration, go ahead. But you don't do it at the ceremony itself.

To jumble up a bit the old expression that there's a time and a place for everything, there are also some times and some places that are right for nothing... except for the designated activity.

So I wonder what the reaction of the right side of the blogosphere is going to be... and whether it will be as critical of this protestor as it was of the poets who planned to embarass Laura Bush at a White House gathering, or if it will be similar to their reaction to Cindy Sheehan for her classless stunt at Bush's most recent State of the Union address, where she got herself thrown out for wearing an anti-war T-shirt (of course, Mother Cindy doesn't care as she thinks everything else - including going out and getting a headstone for her son's grave - takes a back seat to her crusade).

* I know bloggers get to pick and choose what they write about, so it's not proper to infer one way or the other based on blogs that haven't written about this. But of the ones who have put something up on this, I noticed that Kim, posting at Wizbang, sure doesn't have a problem with this. Nor does Michelle Malkin seem to express any criticism. And John Podhoretz is ambivalent...