Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I know I'm late, but it's finally time for 10PM's 24isms. There aren't a lot, but a couple are good ones...

* Evelyn is going home. But wouldn't the assistant to the first lady live near Washington?

* Homeland Security sure seems to have a lot of people hanging around with CTU-specific job skills.

* The V.P. giving orders, even though the V.P. is not in the chain of command and the team from Homeland Security would report to the Secretary of Homeland Security, who most certainly doesn't take orders from the V.P.

* Confirming a 24ism from last week: Bierko was blown into the car by the explosion. But Beirko was across the car from Jack and the explosion was coming from behind Jack: the explosion ought to have blown Jack into the car and Beirko away from the car.

* Another 24ism from last week: Wayne Palmer getting his hands on a weapon after being ambushed. The storyline this week has Wayne using his Marine training (did anybody know he was a Marine?) to knock out one of his pursuers. Yet, even this is hard to take, as Wayne's military service was confined to peacetime and his skills, unlike Jack's, most certainly had deteriorated during his time in business and working for his brother.

* And, now for the twist that makes no sense, that President Jellybean is at the head of the conspiracy. I'm not (yet) challenging the almost total lack of a meaningful motivation, as I am sure the writers will come up with something in the next week or two. I'm saying that having him as the ringleader doesn't make sense with what has happened so far. For example, Henderson was involved in getting the nerve gas to the terrorists, so that implicates Cummings (the President's Chief of Staff who planned the scheme and committed suicide when the plan 'fell apart' and it looked like nerve gas was going to be used against Americans). President Logan was out of the loop with what Cummings was doing; Logan's surprise when Cummings revealed the plan and blackmailed him into remaining passive was no act. So somehow, we are supposed to believe that Henderson was working with Cummings on one thing and the President on whatever he is working on, yet didn't tell either one of what the other was doing?

* It sure didn't take Henderson's team to discover that Evelyn had information and arrange to kidnap her kid. And, of course, Evelyn's kid is in LA and not in the DC area, where the First Lady's assistant is likely living.

* The 24ism that occurs when the show doesn't do something that they ought to do: the President was aware that Evelyn had information relevant to President Palmer being killed. The President somehow gave orders that allowed the team of killers inside the Presidential perimeter where they were to ambush Wayne Palmer. So why not just arrange for Evelyn to be kidnapped from the compound?

* Another non-happening 24ism: Audrey and Chloe go off to the tunnel to conspire, then Chloe goes and resets the satellite... yet no one questions them? Nobody ever went off to huddle without having someone challenge them. And especially when Homeland Security is swarming all over the place, I would have expected Chloe and Audrey to have an escort.

* Another non-happening 24ism: since when have the satellites not been able to track cars fleeing the scene, as supposedly happened this time when Chloe was unable to follow Henderson as he left the scene?

As I said, not a lot... either the writers got good this week or I'm letting things slide...

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