Friday, April 28, 2006

The good professor has been hot on Congress sneaking provisions into the Patriot Act provisions that have nothing to do with its advertised mission of fighting terrorism... citing, among others, provisions that make it easier to target methamphetamine production.

Another example, according to this issue of BusinessWeek (2nd story from bottom), is a provision allowing the use of wiretaps in suspected antitrust cases.

To their (little) credit, Senators Kohl and DeWine, the sponsors of the anti-antitrust provision don't even try to justify it on anti-terrorism grounds... they just complain that anti-trust convictions are tough to pull off so they're just giving the enforcers a little extra help...

Heck, at least the sponsor of the provision to allow the Patriot Act to be used against methamphetamine manufacturers called meth use "a form of terrorism unto itself"...