Monday, April 10, 2006

And, barely an hour after the show was over, here are 11PM's 24isms....

* How does Evelyn, the First Lady's assistant, get to record a conversation between the President and Henderson? It would be hard enough for someone in her position to do if the President were using his landline, but, as we've seen tonight, the President uses a cell phone to talk to Henderson.

* The blond from Homeland Security is placing a tracking device on Audrey's car less than one minute (by my estimation) after Audrey tells Karen she is leaving to go home.

* Audrey stopping at a gas station. But shouldn't the gas station be closed as everybody had been ordered to stay home due to martial law being imposed.

* Of course, daddy's plane is only an hour out of Los Angeles. And, had it not been for the shooting at the end of the hour, no doubt daddy's plane landing would have been the cliffhanger for this week.

* Why wasn't 'harrassment girl' gone from CTU along with everybody (but Chloe) else?

* Henderson getting the heads-up on Evelyn's daughter's phone call to 911 within one minute.

* The dog not barking: given Henderson's ability to tap into the 911 system, I would have expected him to be able to call off the police response to the silent alarm.

* The dog not barking another time: when in the previous 15 hours did we see the President taking calls from Henderson? Not once did we see (or, more accurately, hear) Logan's cell phone ringing with Henderson on the line. It didn't ring when the Russian President was around, it didn't ring when Logan was giving his press conferences. And it's not as if Henderson didn't have reason to be calling the President at that time.

* The dog not barking a third time: assuming Logan truly didn't want the nerve gas used on Americans, why wasn't Henderson's team out looking for the nerve gas? Henderson apparently has guys who can gain access to the LA Presidential compound (to ambush Wayne Palmer), he has guys who can get to the bank from wherever they were in no time flat, he has sources inside 911 dispatch... and yet he isn't using his men to help catch the terrorists? Given how crazy Logan was about finding the nerve gas, it's hard to imagine that he wouldn't have used every tool at his disposal to help find the gas... yet we're supposed to believe that Logan left Henderson hanging around doing nothing the whole time Jack was off chasing the terrorists with the gas. And why wouldn't Henderson have gone looking for the terrorists himself? He presumably got involved because he too is a PATRIOT (cue patriotic music).. so why wouldn't he have been using every tool at his disposal looking for the nerve gas?

* Karen's assistant (whatever his name is) knew exactly where to go find the servers when Chloe jammed the satellite signal even though he is one of the imports from Homeland Security and presumably would not have memorized the corridor layout of CTU.

* Henderson having an "ALL ACCESS" sticker for his car so he could get through the military roadblocks... but where did Henderson get it? From the President, who just happened to ask for one from the guy in charge of stickers?

* Henderson's team getting to the bank so quickly. We have to presume they had "ALL ACCESS" stickers for their cars to get through military roadblocks just like Henderson did.

* The military shows up to save the day when Henderson's team takes out the police responding to the bank alarm.

* I'll give the writers credit for trying to plug a couple of holes (you think they read these?). It didn't make sense that the Vice President would push so hard to get rid of CTU if he wasn't involved in the plot... so the writers threw in the line about the Vice President doing so at the behest of the President. And Cummings role in the plot - specifically, telling the President about 'his' plan to give the nerve gas to the terrorists and then committing suicide when he thought all had gone wrong - didn't work if Logan was in on the plot... so the writers threw in the line about Cummings only 'thinking' he was in charge.

* Which leads to the big 24ism of this week: just how Logan pulls off the whole plot without involving anybody in the White House. The President of the United States doesn't have free time to go wandering around meeting with co-conspirators; every minute of his day is pre-planned and noted. How would he have contacted Henderson, heck, how would he have even known to contact Henderson? How would Henderson have contacted him; it's not as if just anybody can get the President's private cell phone number.

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* NEW 24ism: Henderson was kicked out of CTU for corruption... just the kind of guy who the President would entrust with this super-secret plan, right? For that matter, how would Logan have even heard about Henderson in the first place?

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