Monday, March 13, 2006

Time for another hours worth of 24isms...

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* First, I have to say this was a particularly weak episode. Lots of time getting in touch with one another's feelings, more time being wasted discussing the imposition of martial law. All the action was limited to Jack and the Hobbit's attempts to decontaminate CTU. Boring. And I could have done without the saliva shot of Edgar. The big guy died, let him be already.

* Of course, Kim's boyfriend is a pyschologist, which is just what they needed to help Chloe. Of course, had she been shot, Kim's boyfriend would have been a trauma surgeon.

* How did the hobbit learn of what was going on. He wouldn't have (necessarily) known there was an intruder in CTU, and as such, wouldn't have (necessarily) connected the dots between an intruder and whatever was behind the emergency evacuation/lockdown.

* Notwithstanding the above, the hobbit sure confessed his guilt and responsibility to an unknown security guard real quick.

* The nerve gas was laced with an acid? Why? The nerve gas was (according to the terrorists) intended to be used against targets in Russia or (according to Cummings' crew, to be used against the terrorists themselves) - neither of which, presumably, would have had barriers that needed to be eaten away by acid. So why would either the terrorists or Cummings have mixed this acid in with the nerve gas?

* Chloe snapped out of her daze right on cue, just in time to work her magic.

* Air doesn't disappear. Sure, humans can consume it and 'convert' it to carbon dioxide, but otherwise, it doesn't just go away, it has to go somewhere. So where was all the contaminated gas in CTU going? Was it being vented to the outside? Was it being stored in giant containers stored in CTU just in case they were contaminated?

* Why didn't Jack and/or the hobbit, on their excursions out of the safe zones, go for the gas masks?

* Why wasn't Jack screaming "There's no time!" at the security guard who was calling to say goodbye to his kids?

* I don't get that CTU has these 'safe' zones. The only reason such zones are created is if one believes there is a credible possibility that that facility could be targeted. And, sure, CTU is the first line of defense, but why would anyone think that CTU would be a target itself? Maybe this was a response to the attack in the second year's worth of episodes.... but, if people thought CTU was really a target, then their access procedures would be a whole lot different. To illustrate, when I was a kid, I was meeting someone at a 'secure' facility. I was taken through reception, thinking that it was no big deal. Then I entered the access corridor into the facility itself and saw two bulletproof enclosures, one at each end of the hallway and manned by uniformed military with automatic weapons. My escort told me if that if I heard the alarm, I was to drop to the ground as the guards were under order to shoot at anyone who remainded standing up. Now, maybe this was blown up a bit, maybe not, but a facility that is prone to attack is going to have stronger procedures in place than the nickel and dime procedures that allowed the hobbit to get back in without his key card.

* And, to beat on my favorite 24ism this year, Bierko is now going to use all of his precious nerve gas on a single target in the United States, when the whole reason he was seeking the nerve gas was to use against targets in Russia.

* Of course, Robocop is able to fool the doctor into thinking that he was comatose. Of course, Robocop somehow freed himself from the restraints that were holding him down. Of course, Tony is so caught up in the moment that he doesn't see/sense what is happening. Of course, the drugs pumped into Robocop have no effect at all on her reflexes. And of course, Jack comes rushing in, has to notice that Robocop is gone (and likely the one responsible for Tony), yet doesn't run to the phone to report that Robocop has escaped.

* We see 'Homeland Security' is taking over. What happened to Division? Every other time something goes wrong with CTU, someone from Division shows up and takes charge. Having some heavy hitter from Homeland Security take over is a bit like taking the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and having him take over a rifle platoon. It's a waste of resources.

* And I am sure we will see the new guy (who my wife is already betting is bad) will step right in, as if he's been running the likes of CTU all along (hint: CEO's don't know how to run the switchboard).

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