Monday, March 06, 2006

Let's see, the AP issued their 'clarification' of their 'Bush was warned of levee breach' video/story on Friday night.

And yet, Newsweek failed to get their act together in time for this week's edition, misrepresenting/lying not just once but twice (the second time, by giving the impression that Bush had been warned when he fact he had not been).

Now, one might think Newsweek ran with this no-longer-operative story because Newsweek, coming out as it does on the weekend (in time for home delivery on Monday), went to press before the AP clarification hit the wires.

But one would be wrong. See, in the same column that they misrepresent how Bush was told of the levees breaching, they have a blurb on the settlement of the Blackberry patent litigation... which Smart Money had on their web site a full two hours ahead of the AP clarification...

FOLLOW UP, I MEAN CLARIFICATION: Actually, it's me who can't read a clock too well, confusing as I did the earlier released Blackberry story with the timing of the AP clarification. So it's possible that Newsweek went to press sometime after the Blackberry story (the earliest time stamp I can find on a Blackberry story is the above link at 5:24 PM ET on Friday. The WSJ had its story at roughly the same time) but before the AP clarification hit the wires at 7:48 PM.

While it's not a smoking gun, Steven Levy's column in this issue on the Blackberry settlement is very unlikely to have been thought of and written in that two and a half hour window (I don't care how good a writer Levy is, he's not that good).

So I stand by my assertion that Newsweek simply passed on the opportunity to correct its stories before they went to press.

And as of 6:43 ET on Monday, there was still no clarification on the Newsweek site...