Monday, February 27, 2006

It's 4 PM.....

* Beirko (the new lead terrorist) has what appears to be real time satellite coverage of LA streets on his laptop. Notwithstanding the question of how he would get such access, why would he, supposedly just being in America for the purpose of getting the nerve gas out, even think of having such programs?

* The Russian President is riding in a American provided limo and not in a Russian model. This may not be a 24ism as I don't know for sure if Russian Presidents do as American Presidents and have their own limos shipped overseas so as to not rely on host-provided transportation. But, at a minimum, would a American-provided limo shuttling the Russian President to the airport fly the American flag on the front right (prime spot)?

* And would an American Secret Service agent be riding shotgun in the limo carrying the Russian President? In fact, were any Russian security personnel in the limo itself?

* Martha claims her call was to inquire about "heavy traffic". Doesn't she and the Russian President know that the motorcade has advance motorcyclists and security vehicles that clear a path for the motorcade, just so they don't run the risk of becoming 'sitting' ducks? Disclosure: this is a gimme to anyone living in the DC area, where getting pulled over to allow a Presidential or diplomatic motorcade to procede happens all too often.

* As expected, the estimated time of arrival for the motorcade at the ambush site was just coincidently just before the end of the hour long show.

* Edgar's CHAMP (Chatter Monitoring Protocol picked up and filtered just the right clues for Edgar to piece together the attack... and faster than IBM's fastest supercomputers could do so.

* What is so significant about cell phone 'chatter' discussing highways? I'd bet half of the drivers in LA on the cell phone mention the route they're on, how long it will take to get to where they are going and so on.

* If Edgar's system could pick up the chatter from cell phones, why couldn't CTU track the locations of those cell phones?

* Where was all the chatter coming from in the first place? Didn't Bierko give the orders last hour (last week) to his henchmen in person?

* How was Novick able to pinpoint exactly where the attack would take place?

* Kerri (new girl) seems to have just shown up. Perhaps she is the new shift of workers that hasn't shown up despite Edgar being on duty for coming up on 10 hours now. If analysts are supposed to be at the top of their game, is leaving them on duty for that long really a good idea?

* Why wouldn't Audrey have called her dad and had him warn the President/Secret Service? What's the use of being the SecDef's daughter if you can't pull some strings?

* Why would the ambushers open up on the motorcycle cops, who after all, were turning away? Why wouldn't they have immediately opened up on their target?

* And for the supposed military aces they are, why wouldn't the terrorists have properly executed the ambush by taking out the advance and trailing cars, thereby restricting the VIP limo from leaving? It's not as if the terrorists were short of men or equipment as FEDEX seems to keep delivering more terrorists and weaponry just when it is absolutely positively needed (No offense to or insinuation that FEDEX helps terrorists, I just wanted to work in the cliche).

* From the little I know of the Secret Service, those inside the VIP limo NEVER open the doors to engage attackers as those limos are supposedly pretty close to being invulnerable to attack... yet Aaron, bloodied and all, opened his door and quickly took out the attackers.

* It's not officially a 24ism, but I couldn't escape the nice touch of having the Nixon-looking President kneeling down to pray along with his (thought to be) closest advisor.

* Jack goes to visit Omnicron (spelling?) based on information he got from Nathanson less than an hour earlier, yet his old buddy Henderson has a bomb just waiting for him?

* And a bomb which Jack finds real quick. Why look there (at what appeared to be a paper box)? Why suspect a bomb in the first place (as opposed to being locked up for the sake of locking him up)?

* Here's a prediction: Bierko made a tape of Novick giving him the motorcade route... which will come back to haunt President Jellyfish. That is, of course, if his wife doesn't castrate him for leaving her out to dry.

* I'm not including the whole the Hobbit is freaking out issue as it isn't really a 24ism. It's a cliche, it's been done before (does anyone know if Section 112 was Section 112 the last time it was used?), but it isn't really a plot hole or a "that can't happen'.

* But Curtis placing his faith in Chloe, Edgar and Audrey, who doesn't even work for CTU? The guards backing Curtis, a no brainer... for them.

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