Monday, January 23, 2006

While shedding jobs may be something Ford has to do in order to keep itself afloat, CEO Bill Ford is wrong, wrong, wrong when he says "We will be making painful sacrifices to protect Ford's heritage and secure our future" (italics mine).

What sacrifice is he making? What sacrifice is anyone who will still have a job at Ford making? And, sad as it is for the employees about to have their butts kicked out the door, they're not making any sacrifices either.

Sacrifice is defined as giving up something for less than its value. Ford sure isn't giving up anything for less than value... the reason he's laying off 20,000+ employees is because he thinks he's gaining value by doing so. The employees who are keeping their jobs aren't giving up anything. And the about-to-be-laid off workers sure aren't volunteering to give up their jobs.

So let's call this what it is. It may be painful, it may be necessary... but it sure ain't no sacrifice.