Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Washington Post goes way too far with the headline on their editorial, Robertson{heart}Ahmadinejad...

To suggest that Robertson and Iranian President and Madman Ahmadinejad have an affinity for one another, or that they are on the same side of just about anything is simply a twisted and unwarranted cheap shot at Robertson.

Yes, while both might think that God is upset with Ariel Sharon, their reasons for thinking that are 180 degrees different. Robertson thinks God smacked Sharon because Sharon was giving up part of Israel, while the Iranian nutjob thinks God is smacking Sharon because Sharon is Jewish and because Sharon wasn't giving up enough of Israel.

In fact, since Ahmadinejad wants Israel eliminated while Robertson is a huge booster of Israel, only a liberal newspaper with more antipathy towards the religious right than an understanding of Middle Eastern politics would ever come up with such a headline. But that pretty much describes the Post, doesn't it?

The battle over building a baseball stadium in DC illustrates my point. There are those who oppose the current plans to build a stadium because they don't want baseball in DC. There are also people who oppose the plans because they don't think it will go far enough to keep MLB happy. Interestingly, the Post has never suggested that the two groups (heart) one another....