Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Washington Post didn't shut down one of its blogs after raising "the ire of "readers", it shut down the blog after liberals went ballistic after reading that lobbyist Jack Abramoff gave money to the Democrats as well as to Republicans.

I don't know which I should be more amused by... the AP referring to the disgruntled merely as 'readers' instead of the liberals that they are... that the Washington Post, long the champion of free expression and all of that 1st Amendment claptrap, folding so easily in the face of protests... that liberals are so idiotic and/or delusional that they fail to see that Abramoff didn't buy access with his miniscule personal contributions (that he did make to Republicans) but with the vastly larger amounts of money he had his clients send to both Democrats and Republicans... or that liberals are so desperate for an issue that they are willing to distort the facts of what Abramoff did.

It's been often said that Bush has been blessed by the fools on the Democratic side of the aisle... the Howard Deans, Nancy Pelosis, Henry Reids, the Lost Kosites and the delusional DUers who fail to capitalize on Bush's mistakes and who make Bush look good in comparison (think of how bad Bush's ratings could be if the other side had a few less idiots spouting off).

Well, the GOP as a whole benefits as well. The GOP has done really nothing to make its supporters proud over the past number of years. And while the GOP has won the lion's share of the races over the past 5 years, it's done nothing to pull the moderates who are so valuable more firmly into their grasp.

And yet the Democrats fail to take advantage of the opportunity... again and again and again.

Thank god for small favors... and for their small brains.... because as bad a job as the GOP has done running things over the past number of years, it would only be worse - far worse - were the lunatics of the left able to gain control.