Monday, January 30, 2006


HOUR 6 24isms...

* Rather than just arrange to have Mike killed (don't the bad guys always have assassins on 10 minute call?), Cummings confesses to the President?
* The yellow tie terrorist turns out to be a big player... just the kind of guy you want exposed to collateral damage at a hostage situation, right?
* The shipping container is still unloaded on the pier when the ship is supposed to leave in just an hour and a half?
* Why did the terrorists leave the empty cannister containers in the shipping container? Wouldn't it have been easier to take the cannisters in the containers instead of having to carry the cannisters out one or two at a time?
* The terrorists were rather quick at catching, torturing and killing Cummings' inside guy... and retrieving the nerve gas containers and getting out of Dodge (I didn't time it, but I'm guessing less than 20 minutes for the whole thing from initial suspicion to departure).
* Where's Edgar with his cameras tracking the terrorists leaving the shipyard? It's not as if shipyards aren't exactly the type of place that would have security cameras everywhere, are they?
* And why wouldn't Edgar already have been looking at the security cameras from earlier at the shipyard? Wouldn't CTU have been interested in getting IDs on anyone going near that container? Of course, had Edgar done that, we would have known the cannisters were no longer there and we wouldn't have had the fun of watching the police storm the shipping container.
* The policemen who opened the canister didn't bother checking for booby traps... yet aren't booby traps a regular staple in 24? Of course, had they checked first, we wouldn't have had time for the cliffhanger just before the end of the hour.
* CTU can monitor Cummings' cell phone... yet they never bothered doing so earlier.
* And what a coincidence that when Jack yells for Cummings to be brought back in, they just happen to bring in his cell phone... just in time for the terrorist to call?
* And why would the terrorist have alerted Cummings to the fact that Cummings' plan was known? The terrorists knew Cummings had tried to trick them, but not that Cummings had confessed where the cannisters were. Why not leave Cummings in the dark, letting him think all was well with his plan? Why let Cummings know he is now the enemy?
* Why did Mike all of a sudden pique Cummings' curiousity? Is the National Security Advisor (if that is what Mike is these days) getting a phone call something out of the ordinary? And just how does Cummings (or the mystery guy on the phone) get the phone recordings that fast? Ar they taping only Mike's call? If so, how are they isolating it? And if they're taping everything, how do they make sense of all the calls being made in and out of the Presidential compound so quickly? If Cummings ordered the taping, then why hasn't somebody popped up on Larry King with his White House expose (ala the NSA wiretapping)? If the tape came from the mystery guy, just how has he bugged the Presidential compound in spite of all the counter measures that are supposed to be in place?
* Amazing how Cummings could mount an operation to capture Bauer so fast... just minutes after he heard the call he had a helicopter and multiple cars of security forces on the scene. Does the White House have tactical assault teams sitting around waiting for corrupt Presidential Chief of Staffs to order them into action?
* Still no clue as to how former President Palmer would ever have come across information regarding Cummings' plans.... nor, if this information was so critical, why Palmer would have hidden clues in his manuscript.
* Another loose end is why Tony and Michelle were targeted. If framing Bauer for killing Palmer was the goal (and, if so, why was this the goal?) and they thought to do so by planting his picture at the scene, why bother adding the complications of trying to get Michelle and Tony? And, for what it's worth, there still is no explanation of why it was important to frame Jack.
* The plot this year is a bit of a repeat of Year 2, where gung-ho 'patriots' arrange to import a nuclear weapon to try to blame terrorists.
* Notice how the traitors inside the White House always seem to be gung-ho super patriot types... never the left wing sabotage types. I guess this proves liberals just love their country more than the radical right does.

Adding more as I think of them...

* And there's still no explanation of how the nerve gas came to be in a baggage facility at a small public airport. The nerve gas is not supposed to be the US Governments (good thing for small plot favors, as this avoids forcing the writers to explain why the US Government, with all of its facilities around the country, would have picked this airport to hold stuff more powerful than our own 'official stocks'). But then whose is it? Why were they keeping it there, rather than some other place. How did Cummings and crew come to discover the existence of this and its whereabouts? How did the (suicidal) baggage claim official (first four hour bloc) come by the secret card that opened the stash? Isn't whoever it 'belongs' to going to be somewhat ticked off when they figure out it is missing?

* And since it turns out that Cummings was involved in all of this, it's hard to explain his behavior during what was thought to be a mere hostage taking. If he knew the plot was to use the siege as a distraction for getting to the nerve gas, why wouldn't he have argued against the assault taking place when it did? Wouldn't he have preferred that it take place later, in order to ensure that his people had enough time to do what they needed to do? And, if his goal is to try to discredit terrorists, why wouldn't have pushed President Logan harder to sign the agreement (Cummings sure seemed rather ambivalent about it)?

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