Monday, January 23, 2006


And on to this week's episode of 24...

Surprisingly, I didn't come up with any terrible plot holes or mistakes. Sure, everything happens in 24 time, where there's never any traffic, security cameras are accessed instaneously, monitors are positioned just right for someone's reflection to show up and so on.

Sure, the First Lady isn't going to flop out of a bathroom window and get away unnoticed... there are way too many Secret Service agents patrolling wherever the President is for that to happen (unless she threatened to accuse them all of attacking her, right?). And, of course, the hanger where the nerve gas was kept just so happened to be outside the security perimeter. The assassin just happened to be in CTU's neighborhood and just happened to have a breakdown gun complete with silencer in a case designed to pass through security checkpoints. And of course the assassin that Spencer let into the building didn't shoot Spencer, which allows Spencer to then reveal that Cummings is the guy behind the scenes. And the First Lady didn't think to ask her assistant - the only person she told where she was keeping the transcript - who she had told... nor did her assistant realize that Cummings was the only other person who knew about the paper.

All in all, not a terribly exciting episode for those looking for holes...

But that was all worth it to hear Chloe's two lines... her "I just did" riposte to Spencer after he told her no one talks to me like that... and her 'let's go out for tea and share secrets' to Edgar. Classic Chloe.

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