Tuesday, January 17, 2006

There's no light at the end of this tunnel, folks...

You might think that Bush was making progress by getting China and Russia to agree with the US, Britain, France and Germnay that Iran must suspend its nuclear program... but you'd be wrong.

The reason, as stated before, is that Iran will ignore this... they will ignore the UN Security Council... they will ignore any and all sanctions imposed by the UN or by individual countries.

The only action that will keep Iran from going nuclear is the use of the military... and none of our so-called partners will support military action against Iran. In fact, the only reason our partners have agreed to call for Iran to shut down its program is to buy time, to offer Bush the glimmer of hope that this situation can be defused without calling in the military. As with Iraq, our partners will appear to be supportive of our goals, while doing everything possible behind the scenes to keep things from getting to the point where even Bush has to acknowledge that there are no non-military options left.

So don't get your hopes up...

And William Kristol saying that "we can't rule out the use of force" has it exactly backwards... it ought to be "we will use force, unless some other method is able to convince Iran to back down..."