Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thanks to Howard Kurtz, I read of Ted Koppel - a pillar of the MSM if there ever was one - criticizing a Discovery Networks documentary on China because it wasn't "going to ruffle any feathers in Beijing".

Uh, excuse me for asking, but when did 'ruffling feathers' get added to the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) of journalism? When did the basis for evaluating a story become not whether it was accurate, informative and entertaining, but rather whether it pissed off the subjects of the story?

Now, I'm not a big fan of the Chinese government... but I'm also not a journalist who's supposed to keep my own biases and beliefs out of my writing... and who's supposed to go into a story with an open mind.

I don't want to watch - nor do I place a lot of credibility in - a story that flows from the storyline the reporter established before they ever showed up on the scene.

I don't know why the MSM is so determined to do things that way. That's the attitude that Mary Mapes took into her story on Bush's National Guard story; she was so fixated on what she 'knew to be true' that she ended up embarrassing herself and getting herself fired and Dan Rather put out to pasture.

And it is an attitude that has contributed to a marked drop in viewership and readership for what used to be decent journalistic operations... and yet, the MSM thinks the answer to their problems is to inject even more of themselves into the story... so we end up with the likes of Anderson Cooper crying and screaming in New Orleans... and they end up with even fewer viewers.

And they're supposed to be the smart ones? Inconceivable...