Saturday, January 07, 2006

Steven Spielberg... Proud Member of ASSITOF

One of the criticism over Speilberg's Munich is his having the lead Israeli (Avner, I believe) question what they were doing because 'more terrorists would replace the ones the Israelis killed'.

Which got me thinking:

In Schindler's List, did Spielberg have Oscar Schindler question what he was doing, helping to save Jews, because the Nazis would simply ship more Jews to the gas chambers to replace the ones Schindler was saving?

In Saving Private Ryan, did Spielberg have the GIs landing on Omaha Beach question what they were doing, as Hitler was sure to send in new troops to replace the ones the GIs killed?

In Amistad, did Spielberg have his characters question their trying to save the lives of some slaves, as the slavers could simply kill a few other blacks to compensate for those they couldn't hang?

In War of the Worlds, did Spielberg have the people of Earth question their fighting back against the alien invaders, as it was quite possible that the aliens would send more spacecraft to replace any destroyed by humans?

Keep in mind that there isn't a single word in any of his movies (or anyone's movies, for that matter) that isn't there on purpose.

So why would Spielberg choose to have one character have such thoughts but not the characters in his other movies?

Me thinks the answer is that, notwithstanding all of Spielberg's protests that he isn't against fighting back against terrorism, that he is simply 'telling a story', he in fact does believe it to be a futile exercise.

And if he thinks that, he is truly stupid... which is why I am forced to add Spielberg to my list of "Artists So Stupid I've Turned Off Forever".... joining the likes of Green Day, George Clooney, Barbra Streisand (okay, I've never listened to her), Alec Baldwin, Sheryl Crow and Jane Fonda... to name just a few.

Darn, I was so looking forward to watching Jurassic Park IV...