Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Raise taxes... Good. Cut taxes... Bad.

You can't be more knee-jerk opposed to tax cuts and in favor of tax hikes than the Washington Post, with today's evidence coming in their front page story "Warner's Triumphant Legacy No Easy Feat", about how, in their view, Virginia Governor 'revived' Virginia after raising taxes (this despite his pledge, ala Clinton, to not do so).

According to the Post, Warner created jobs, gave more money to schools, and improved (high school, I presume) graduation rates.... all from a $1 billion tax hike.

Yet, even according to the Post, Virginia has a $1 Billion surplus. If the tax hike was responsible for all those things that Warner is supposed to have accomplished, then how can there be a surplus equal to the amount of taxes he raised?

The answer is that (1) Virginia's finances were never in the dire shape Warner claimed they were in order to bludgeon the legislature into supporting his tax hike and (2) the state's economy was already recovering. Despite Warner claiming that the budget was $6 billion in the hole, it actually was in good shape and already rebounding from the effects of the stock market declines (which affected Northern Virginia in particular, given the number of high-tech firms in the area).

Just don't try to tell the editors at the Post there... between their fanatical belief in tax hikes as the cure of all the world's ills (which reminds me of the first chiropractor I went to, who told me that everything was attributable to 'subluxation' of the spine... including hair loss*) and their desperate need on coming up with another Clinton (a Democrat who can win, usually by lying to the American people), they are locked on to the idea of Warner as a success story... and no matter how inconvenient the facts, they're sticking with their story.