Friday, January 06, 2006

Ooooh, this will scare the Iranians for sure...

Condeoleeza Rice said that the United States and its European allies have the votes to bring Iran before the U.N. Security Council for possible censure over its nuclear ambitions...

Well, I'm sure the Mad Mullahs are quaking in their sandals over the prospects of being brought before the Security Council. I'm sure they're already ordering the dismantling of their nuclear programs in a desperate attempt to forestall getting hit with the scarlet 'C' of censure.

Secretary Rice, if you think taking the Iranians before the Security Council will do anything to keep them from pushing ahead to get their hands on nuclear weapons, then you are as stupid as one can be. If you think that levying sanctions - of any kind - against Iran will keep them from pushing ahead, you are as stupid as one can be. And if you think going to the Security Council now will make it easier to gain 'international support' for military action against Iran, then you are as stupid as one can be.

Let me, once again, state the inarguable: Iran is determined to acquire nuclear weapons, which they will use against their enemies. Military action is the only thing that will keep them from getting a nuclear weapon. Political or economic pressure (censure or sanctions) will not deter them.

And with Sharon all but dead, we can forget about the Israelis doing our work for us. There's no way anyone taking over for Sharon will, as one of their first acts in office, order a military strike against Iran.... no, the new Prime Minister will want to show how moderate he is (hint to the Palestinians: now is a great time to launch a few new suicide bombings against Israel. They won't strike back).

And since Bush is so shell-shocked over the criticism of his mis-adventures in Iraq, as well as from the casualties incurred in pursuit of such a silly dream, he doesn't have the courage to act militarily either. He will hide behind the UN and the EU, he will profess great faith in the value of diplomacy, and he will watch as the Iranians light up target after target.

I think the Democrats calling for his impeachment over the NSA monitoring program have it wrong... he ought not be impeached for what he has done to protect the country from attack... he ought to be impeached for what he hasn't done to keep the country safe.

During the build-up to invading Iran, one of (I believe) Rumsfeld's line, (I'm paraphrasing) "today, the smoking gun is a mushroom cloud", captured perfectly the rationale for acting sooner, rather than waiting, to neutralize threats against the United States. Yet, for the past number of years, Iran has been allowed - yes, allowed - to continue its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons... and we have done NOTHING to keep that from happening. They are closer to their goal than would have been the case if we had acted against them two years ago. They will be even closer to finishing the job - if they haven't finished it already - by the time Rice and Bush finish playing their game of "Let's go the UN".

And we will be the deader for it... thanks, George... thanks a f***ing lot.