Sunday, January 15, 2006

One of the arguments made against taking military action against Iran is that their facilities are scattered across the country and that we'd never be sure we hit them all. It may be that Iran has 300 facilities scattered across the country... but it's very unlikely that we need to hit every single one of them to put some serious hurt on Iran's plans.

Use the analogy of GM's production process. To cripple GM, as the UAW has proven, you don't need to bring down every one of the numerous facilities across the country that are involved in producing the components that go into a car. You simply need to take out a tire plant here, a paint facility there, a sheet metal fabrication plant here and a distribution center there.

And I believe the same holds true with Iran. I doubt that the Iranians have built true redundacies into their production process... which means that focusing our efforts on the weak points of the production process can bring to a standstill the entire Iranian nuclear program... which, while not perfect, at least in the near term is a whole lot better than not doing anything at all...

... which, by the way, is what the Good Captain seems to think has happened...