Sunday, January 15, 2006

Michelle Malkin has a wrap-up of posts on Iran, a lot of which express the thought that striking at Iran would cause all kinds of problems for us and/or Israel...

... and to all of which I answer, it doesn't matter.

If your house catches on fire, you focus on getting the fire out. You don't worry about the tire tracks the fire trucks might leave in your front yard. You don't worry about their knocking in the front door. You don't worry about the water run off ruining your flower beds. You focus on putting out the fire, for if you don't, nothing else matters.

Likewise, all of the concerns listed in Michelle's wrap-up take a back seat to the need to keep Iran from going nuclear. So Iran might launch terrorist attacks on our troops in Iran? If they did, it is a much smaller problem for us than if Iran has nuclear weapons. So Iran might send dirty bombs in Israel? If they did, it is also a much smaller problem than if Iran has and uses nuclear weapons. So the Shiites in Iraq might get ticked off? If they did, it would be lesser of two evils, as nothing that could happen to us in Iraq - including walking away from that cesspool of a country - would be as bad as if Iran gets their hands on nuclear weapons.

There is no greater threat to our security than Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. China taking over Taiwan? Not as important. Russia lapsing back towards dictatorship? Not as important. Iraq falling into complete chaos? Nowhere near as critical.

And I only wish that Bush would start talking about Iran in those terms... for his (and Rice's) statements so far don't assure me that they recognize the true threat that Iran poses. For Iran going nuclear is not just 'a' problem we face, it is 'the' problem. Cheney (or it might have been Rumsfeld) was quoted before the Iraq invasion that invasion was justified because "the smoking gun these days is a mushroom cloud". Where is that rhetoric now? Can anyone seriously believe that Iran pursuit of nuclear weapons doesn't pose a bigger threat to the United States than whatever threat Hussein might have posed?

Unfortunately, Bush is so shell-shocked by what has happened in Iraq (the combination of faulty intelligence, higher than expected casualties and his being demonized by the left) that he very well may be physically and mentally unable to rise to the challenge posed by Iran.

And that may very well be the death of us...

Thanks to Patterico for the pointer...