Monday, January 23, 2006

Lefty redux, part deux...

The University of Maryland men's basketball team can kiss away their chances of making the NCAAs this year, how that Chris McCray has just been ruled academically ineligible for the rest of the year for bombing his criminal justice courseload... and McCray will likely have kissed his chance of making the NBA (whatever it was, it's gone)... and Gary Williams will have given people a reason to wonder if he's losing control of his team (as Lefty unfortunately did).

No offense to criminal justice majors around the world, but we're not talking rocket science here. Jeez, I aced the classes I took when I went to Maryland (being clueless at the time, I thought that criminal justice was what pre-law students took). They're just not that hard. And McCray had a support structure most students can only dream about. All he had to do was go to a few classes, take a few exams and maintain just above a D average.... It's not that hard... even for a basketball player.

And how does the coach let this happen? I know he can't go to class or take the exams for his players, but he's supposed to be on top of things... he has a staff of jock-sniffing academic advisors and tutors available for helping out the academically challenged players on the team. But with McCray getting kicked off the team, following McCray's earlier arrest, following Travis Garrison's recently being charged with a few crimes, sure makes me wonder if winning the NCAAs a while back didn't cause Williams to relax a bit, perhaps thinking that bringing home the trophy (as well as a section of the basketball court from the finals) would be enough to coast...

Well, the silver lining could be, now that the season is shot, is for DJ Strawberry to go back to playing the 2 guard. He isn't a point guard and while I admire his sacrificing a potential pro career in order to help the team, there's now no reason for Williams to waste Strawberry's remaining year and a half playing a spot he's just not set to play. With McCray out, give the point to one of the other not-so-good point guards, let Strawberry take McCray's spot at the 2 and have a year and a half to impress pro scouts.