Tuesday, January 10, 2006

James Taranto references Jane Dolkart, an anti-Alito law professor at SMU who happens to have been convicted of aggravated assault for deliberately striking a bicyclist with her car in May 2004...

... and who apparently is still gainfully employed as a law professor at SMU*.

Just what kind of idiots are running our nation's law schools? She ran into the back of a bicycle rider who wasn't going fast enough for her... she could have killed him... and SMU doesn't think this warrants dismissing her from the faculty? They think she's a role model that young would-be attorneys ought to emulate? Isn't there someone who can take over her course load who doesn't have her baggage?

And the reason for her running over the rider? She was on the way to go bicycle riding herself. Amazing. Just amazing.

* Unsurprisingly, her "Recent Publications and Activities" web page doesn't list her conviction.