Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I've been screaming for pretty much a year now that we need to use military force to keep Iran from getting their hands on nuclear weapons... and I welcome Ace to the cause...

Note we don't have to invade Iran. We don't need to occupy that crazy country. We don't need to force their government out. What we have to do is make sure they don't posess the capability of developing the weapons that would pose a threat to our safety.

Bush should demand that Iran immediately allow us (and not the UN) complete and unfettered access to each and every place that we want to visit... or that site will be destroyed within 24 hours.... along with another site that is important to the Mad Mullahs.

It is clear (or should be) that Bush's adventure in Iraq has failed miserably. Democracies are not rising from the desert across the Middle East. Neither Iran nor Syria is showing any signs of being intimidated by our actions in Iraq. The Saudis still fund terrorists. The Pakistanis are still not serious about fighting terror.

Given this, it is important that Bush not repeat his mistakes (I wish he was so smart). Forget about the bringing the international community into this fight - the worthiness of a fight is not determined by whether the French or the corrupt Germans buy in or not. Forget about trying to use diplomacy, forget about using economic pressure.

Just do what is necessary and do what is right. And do it now. Everyday that I don't read of smoke coming from some Iranian research facility is a day too long...