Friday, January 06, 2006

It's a sign of how much I dislike class action torts attorneys that I smiled at reading that John O'Quinn got ripped offof a few million dollars by an assistant of his...

According to the story, the assistant was in charge of O'Quinn's $100 million (yes, that is $100 million) fleet of luxury automobiles.... Ferraris, Duesenbergs, Bugatis and Rolls Royces. He billed O'Quinn for cars he never purchased and overcharged O'Quinn for cars he did buy in order to finance a heroin habit and vists to prostitutes in Las Vegas... and O'Quinn, too busy looking for another industry to cripple, didn't notice what was going on for the better part of two-plus years.

I know our laws don't permit this type of behavior... but there's nobody more deserving of getting screwed than the likes of O'Quinn.