Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I take no issue with Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon taking the NFL to task for not imposing more of a punishment than a $17,000 fine on the Redskin's Sean Taylor, who was ejected from Saturday's playoff game for spitting in the face of a opposing player.

But why stop at the NFL? Why not criticize the Redskins for failing to take disciplinary action of their own? They're certainly able to do so... they can suspend him, they can sit him on the bench. If the Redskins were a class organization, they would have announced on Sunday - before the NFL came out with their 'let's pretend that we're doing something' fine - that the team was suspending Taylor for behavior inconsistent with team values.

But, as we all know, the Redskins failed to do so... which is one of the reasons I don't root for them. For all his high-minded talk, the discipline Gibbs takes sure seems to be guided by the talent of the player in question. To him, it's probably as simple as: Sean Taylor, good player... Sean Taylor plays. That's why Taylor got off scot-free for ignoring Gibbs' phonecalls during the summer. That's why Taylor is still playing, despite his arrest and upcoming trial on gun charges (similar to those just levied at Virginia Tech's Marcus Vick). And that's why Gibbs is letting Taylor off the hook now.

And as far as the team owner, MR. Daniel Snyder, well, you can forget about him doing anything. He is so desperate to have the Redskins win that he would put Bill Romanowski on the field if he thought Romanowski could help the team win. It's not that he wants the team to win... it's that he's desperate to be admired (a trait, I guessing, he's had since high school) and he thinks if the team wins the Super Bowl that he'll be popular (here's a hint, Danny... you're still a dork. A rich dork, sure. But a dork, nonetheless).

Which, finally, brings us to the Redskins fans, who also have no problem with a thug like Taylor 'representing' them on the field... just so long as he helps the team win. Taylor is a guy that, were it not for football, would be a guy that 90% of Redskins fans would cross the street to avoid. A guy that 90% of Redskins fans would never think of having over to their house. A guy that 90% of Redskins fans would cringe at the thought that their kids were emulating his behavior. Yet, because he helps 'their' team win, it's great to have him around.

Well, Gibbs, Snyder and the rest of you cheering for the Redskins this weekend, you've sold your souls and your standards in return for a bit of glory. You're pathetic.