Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here, without comment, is the story of a girl's soccer team which unwittingly checked into a hotel that was hosting a New Year's swinger's party. The girl's parents were "stunned by the flamboyant revelers who glided through the glass atrium, often flashing bare buttocks and breasts before the girls".

What an example of stupidity on the part of hotel management. Not for booking the swinger's party, but for failing to inform their other guests of that. Did they not think about what happens when swingers and normal people are placed into close proximity to one another? Did management actually think that the public at large is okay with that behavior? Maybe management just thought that the prudes would just have to deal with it, that it was their own darn fault for not being more tolerant of alternative lifestyles...

Yeah, I know, that was a comment.