Tuesday, January 10, 2006

He thinks me smart... he thinks me stupid... he thinks me smart... he thinks me stupid...

Ace gives us credit for being smart enough to support warrantless wiretapping by the NSA... just an hour after he insults us for thinking that winning the lottery, a surprise inheritance or a big insurance settlement is the best way to get rich.

C'mon, Ace, make up your mind. Are we smart... or are we stoopid?

Or... I'm thinking out loud... maybe the people who think that winning the lottery is the way to go are the same people who oppose warrantless wiretapping... and those are the people Ace is making fun of... as opposed to us smart people who both approve of the monitoring programs and think a retirement plan ought to consist of more than buying lotto tickets.

Now, I wonder why a group of people would oppose the NSA programs AND be off buying lottery tickets. Is it because they're planning on stiffing the IRS by stashing their winnings in an offshore account and they're afraid the NSA will figure out what they're doing? Nah, can't be, because the people who oppose the NSA monitoring program like paying lots of taxes.

Or, per William of Occam, it is simply that stupid people just don't limit themselves to being stupid just once, that stupid is as stupid does... and does... and does.